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The “Shedding Previous Avatar Identities” Project!

Is your online avatar still from 2009? Do we mourn parts of a “virtual” self-identity that has passed its time, outdated and lapsed? These animations below are investigations into the sentiment. Its time for you to make one too!

This is my take on the “Shedding Previous Avatar” project. the original is a picture of me from when I was in ninth grade roughly 6.5 years ago. I believe that identities and electronic foot-prints do need to be let go of. Why? because as humans we are always growing and changing, hopefully for the better. Our past doesn’t necessarily define who we are as a whole person. However, the internet doesn’t let things go. for better or worse, Once it’s on the internet its always there. My avatar and internet identity from 2009 is not the same as my current online presence, comparing the two I am a whole different being.


Original Picture:

Re Makes:




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