CT 101

Final CT 101 Blog Post

One GIF that basically sums up the class:

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Ryan’s positive and humor always made me feel as though the work could be completed, and if I couldn’t solve that problem I could always ask him for help

As the semester comes to an end, I just wanted to say it has been a blast being apart of the creative space created by both professor Ryan and Mike.

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Throughout this semester I’ve learned many important things, the first being able to express feelings and thought through gifs and photos. Who would of that this was possible? Not me. I’ve learned new software’s that I’ve never used, such as photoshop. With photoshop I’ve learned how to edit images. Here is one of my beautiful creations. Besides learning how to edit pictures in I’veto make GIFs using photoshop aswell.

Besides teaching me the basics of photoshop, this class has offered me a chance to have my very own website.

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one of my favorite projects of the semester hands down has to be the shedding previous identities, in which we said farewell to our previous avatars from previous social media that we’ve outgrown.

That being said I do plan on keeping my site active, as you can see I have a page for music and meme two of the most important things in my life. I plan to expand on these pages.

I’m also planning on adding a third page, a day in the life, where I can rant about whatever I want to.

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like my favorite tv series growing up, The Fairly OddParents, I believe I should get the same grade Tim got a lot…

All that being said I believe that I deserve an A+ in this class, I believed that I’ve worked hard and created really good content that many people can connect and interact with.


CT 101

Zine Project:

Hey Guys,

These are my attempts at what inspires me in Tech. For those who don’t know, some of the artboards contain images referring to programming languages. My major is computer science and the way I see tech is like how any other program or computer science student would see.

This was my first attempt:

Second Attempt:

Third Attempt:

CT 101

Photoshop and Gif’s

I had no idea you could make gifs with the help of PhotoShop. Consider my mind blown lol.

Anyways these are some of my beautiful creations.




CT 101

The “Shedding Previous Avatar Identities” Project!

Is your online avatar still from 2009? Do we mourn parts of a “virtual” self-identity that has passed its time, outdated and lapsed? These animations below are investigations into the sentiment. Its time for you to make one too!

This is my take on the “Shedding Previous Avatar” project. the original is a picture of me from when I was in ninth grade roughly 6.5 years ago. I believe that identities and electronic foot-prints do need to be let go of. Why? because as humans we are always growing and changing, hopefully for the better. Our past doesn’t necessarily define who we are as a whole person. However, the internet doesn’t let things go. for better or worse, Once it’s on the internet its always there. My avatar and internet identity from 2009 is not the same as my current online presence, comparing the two I am a whole different being.


Original Picture:

Re Makes:




CT 101

Tuesdays Class 10/29

Hi, guys I just wanted to make a blog post about today’s class session. Which happened to be very practical, when it came to setting up our domains.


I sat down at my computer a tried to remember my password lol I ended up resting it because I couldn’t figure it out. I sat there looking at my screen like this:


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for a good fifteen minutes.

All of a sudden Ryan starts talking about extensions and packages available for our sites. He then proceeds to show us what to add. I was sitting there like:

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after a while, I understood what he was saying and doing and I started to feel like this:

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Ryan showed us some ways to save money in class aswell. Got me feeling like Mr. Krabs

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I left class feeling happy because I knew that my website was good to go


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p.s. you can find my website here

CT 101

GoOd bYe cT 101? I think not

It’s official my domain is finally up.  you can find me here

oh did I mention that this is my second domain? That’s right your boy got two domains hahaha.

All that being said I don’t see this as me leaving the CT 1o1 site. Wanna know why? Because:

I believe that Professor Ryan, along with his curreent and form students have created an amazing environment where people can express themselves through memes and other forms of art they’ve created. Why would I want to leave this place?

Don’t worry ill post on my new domain as well as the CT 101 site. As for site content maybe ill post things about cars. who knows…not me lol

CT 101

PhotoShop ReWorks

Hey class,

These are some of my photoshop reworks. I just want to put it out there that I’ve never used photoshop before and this was a learning experience for me. Some of the tools I used were the quick section tool in order to isolate parts of images and make a duplicate layer ofc them. So that I can drag and drop items into the reworks. I’ve also used the eraser tool to touch up the images as best as I could so that it looked flush.

My favorite piece has to be  Marge Simpson knocking out Peter Griffin


CT 101

ArE MeMeS ArT?

A Philosophical Question:

Most People:

My Response:


I believe that memes are a form of art because they allow you to express your emotions and thoughts effectively. I mean think about, you can find a meme for just about all the things that you feel and do throughout your whole day. You hungry and sad at the same time, you can bet there is a meme or a gif for just that.

I was first introduced to meme in like 6th or 7th grade. When I stumbled across an app called IFunny, which had some quality memes then.

Some of my favorite memes on Instagram right are:

1     2    3    4



CT 101

My First Day Of CT 101

Me waking up late  for class:


driving to school:


walking into class like:

seeing my friends saved me a seat:


me tryna pay attention while my friends crack jokes about me being late:



making eye contact with the professor like:

My face when Professor Ryan explains the syllabusto the class:

me looking at my friends to see if they understood what he said:

LOL!! so far im enjoying this class. I hope to learn a lot about digital storytelling.

CT 101

Rotary Power

Hey guys. I wanted to start by introducing myself a little bit. My name is Qadeer Syed, I am 20 years old. Currently, I’m majoring in computer science with a minor in CT.

Below are some GIFS I’ve made a video from Donut Media.  featuring one of my favorite cars, the Mazda RX-7 FD, that still has the rotary engine in it. This is very impressive to me because most people swap out the rotary engine for an Ls7 or anything else that’s not a rotary because it’s more “reliable”. if you want to know how these two different engines to work click here. One reason this video stood out to me was that the owner of this race car was a high school math teacher. Who eventually quit teaching to work with Red Bull’s Mad Mike, a professional drifter.


one of the reasons I love these types of cars is because of the way it sounds. Rotary engines are known to have a distinct sound to them :