CT 101

Final CT 101 Blog Post

One GIF that basically sums up the class:

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Ryan’s positive and humor always made me feel as though the work could be completed, and if I couldn’t solve that problem I could always ask him for help

As the semester comes to an end, I just wanted to say it has been a blast being apart of the creative space created by both professor Ryan and Mike.

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Throughout this semester I’ve learned many important things, the first being able to express feelings and thought through gifs and photos. Who would of that this was possible? Not me. I’ve learned new software’s that I’ve never used, such as photoshop. With photoshop I’ve learned how to edit images. Here is one of my beautiful creations. Besides learning how to edit pictures in I’veto make GIFs using photoshop aswell.

Besides teaching me the basics of photoshop, this class has offered me a chance to have my very own website.

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one of my favorite projects of the semester hands down has to be the shedding previous identities, in which we said farewell to our previous avatars from previous social media that we’ve outgrown.

That being said I do plan on keeping my site active, as you can see I have a page for music and meme two of the most important things in my life. I plan to expand on these pages.

I’m also planning on adding a third page, a day in the life, where I can rant about whatever I want to.

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like my favorite tv series growing up, The Fairly OddParents, I believe I should get the same grade Tim got a lot…

All that being said I believe that I deserve an A+ in this class, I believed that I’ve worked hard and created really good content that many people can connect and interact with.